Holiday Game For Android: Santa Joyride!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded Santa Joyride Free!

There are over 100 downloads since I first released it! Keep it up guys : )

I did a small dance today guys so have fun playing.

For those who haven’t yet check it out,

click here to play it for yourself!


Learning Django and Python: Part 1

There’s a lot of things that I’ve delayed in life and one of them is learning Python. It’s in everything I use and I think its about time I settle down and crack some code out with it. Django then is the perfect web framework mate to accompany my learning of python. What worries me a bit is that I should probably be a bit more comfortable w/ Python before touching Django, but how can I resist?

Initial Thoughts : Python | that is even before “Hello World”

  • Python is OOP supports procedural, so transitioning to it from Java/C shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.
  • Good: SQLite is built into Python, which I’m comfortable with already.
  • IDLE and console are lighter, but less powerful than Eclipse : \ Tradeoff
  • ByteCode and PVM, just like Java!
  • Tons of Frozen Binary options : ) YES
  • Garbage Collection in Python = code faster;
  • All in all reminds me of my old calculator programming days. (though not many similarities in terms of actual code, syntax)
  • Fairly simple object serialization

Initial Thoughts: Django | Before Installing/Using

  • Has great Database Abstraction. There’s nothing like messing up MySQL code. This is great and will plug a lot of injection attacks. Now just gotta worry about cross site scripting.. etc..
  • The website has so much great info on the framework, since it takes you to the docs directly. It will take me a while to get through all of it… PART 2 COMING SOON.

How to make an App Portfolio

I wish I had 48 hour days, but I’m human just like everyone else, and getting to building a portfolio hasn’t been a top priority. So I decided to go ahead and build a new one since one of my resolutions that I set way back when was to finish one by Jan. 2012. I make Android apps, the majority of which are undergoing heavy external and internal surgery atm. Nonetheless, I’m going to go ahead w/ the portfolio. This of course is great for iPhone, iOS, Blackberry apps, etc…

I’m might add some other work as well besides apps.

Step 1: Model a Phone and Set up the Scene

I quickly opened Blender and Modeled a phone and set up the scene for render. If you need modeling tutorials, check out CG Cookie. The Scene is just has a basic lighting set-up that is commonly used to light green screen film sets. So for lighting, go onto YouTube and look for lighting tutorials.

Step 2: Render and Add Additional Assets

Render the Scene in your favorite renderer (Cycles, Octane, POV, Yafaray, Vray?) and attach on some info.  This of course doesn’t have to be the way you do every scene.

Next, I added some additional info to the Scene.

Step 3: Work on the Other Apps.

Now this might not be the way it is for everyone, but I made some old assets and will be re-using them. I simply attach them to a similar template.

There will be a link here to my portfolio when I’m done!

Holiday Game in Development!

Hey guys I’m making a holiday game for Android:

Here’s some previews:

Main Menu

Preview Imaage

Wacom Bamboo Connect Unboxing and Tour! [Video]

The Bamboo Connect is the newest entry level tablet from Wacom. It offers 1024 levels of sensitivity and a larger active area than in the older bamboo touch, pen and fun. A review will be coming up soon so don’t forget to add me on twitter.

Hwang Mi Hee HD Wallpaper: Ignition, Aprilia RSV4

Hey guys, just dug up the HD Version of my old wallpaper of Hwang Mi Hee and the Aprilia RSV4. Enjoy guys.




Fading Drupal: How to Learn Drupal the Bad Way

The Story of Drupal and I is a hilariously prolonged stretch of ebb and flow in the tide towards hate, love and excitement.

It all started out with a simple desire: To Build a Website.

But oh no Johnny Boy, I didn’t want just any website. I wanted one that stood fact to the ideals that I could build something utterly indistinguishably good as websites that received tens of millions of visits per month. I knew I was wrong, but it would be the last time I would fall folly to this ignorance. Since my background in computer security was still at its infancy at that time, I decided that I myself should probably stay away from my own black box version of a website. Then I found Drupal. It was a website buzzword that had bothered me for about a year and a half now. I didn’t really know what it was other than the fact that it was in the same ball part as Rails, Joomla and Magento (amazing software mind you).

For several months I hacked away at Drupal and learned more PHP, JQuery and Javascript than I had in my entire life. I was consumed at first by the excitement of using a new CMS. But I didn’t do things the right way. That is I never really followed tutorials are tried to read the documentation. Rather, like a boy opening gifts on Christmas morning, I went head first into Drupal. Bad decision. From then on afterwards, things began to seem hopelessly stranded.

So I decided to go the normal route and was I pleased. But by then I had wasted several months; though, my sudden interest in learning foreign languages was a huge time-suck.

However, even deciding to do things the standard way had presented itself with a number of routes. The best way I found was to first go through all the documentation on the version of Drupal you will be using whether that be 6.x, 7.x or upcoming in the future 8.x. From there on, tutorials become very easy to understand.

By now, 7.x should be the new adopted standard so many things I’m about to tell you will be out of date.
There are a lot of things to learn in drupal, but the most important are views and context. With those two key words in mind, go enjoy Drupal. It’s actually fun.