What the Shut Down of Megaupload and other File Sharing sites means for Business

Now over the past week, a lot of turmoil in the interwebs has sprung up as the US tightens its grips on online piracy. Recently popular file-sharing sites such as Filesonic, Fileserve and FileJungle have take measures to avoid confrontations with the Department of Justice.

The reality: There is more than enough content on the internet to satisfy those who can only offer their time.

Though it may or may not happen, people may start paying attention to smaller productions such on Youtube, flash games and other indie projects. If this is the case, Hollywood would have successfully helped many smaller industries in film etc.

While DOJ’s actions may not directly create any new revenue sources for Media giants, it may have helped in the creation and new industries more robust in the wake of the online crackdown.

However there are arguments that these companies are overstepping their bounds and bribing politicians. Whether or not that is the case, we will have to wait and see how this plays out.



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