Taking a Leisurely Break: Spring Framework

For the past weeks now, I’ve been hearing a lot about Spring, a development Framework for Java. (As much as I know now) So instead of catching up with the Kardashians (I believe they are a family that had a show) or reading about why Snooki (also from a show, thought title eludes me atm)  showed up at CES, I think I’ll have more fun learning about Spring in the next 15 mins.

The first thing I really notice is how well designed the site is. The elliptical drop shadow, that directs the eye to the center of the screen. Everything is well designed : ). But enough about that, let’s get into the juicy juicy code or docs.

Ahh okay after looking at the features, it seems like its a bundle of tools, data abstraction w/ focus on web integration. That fits my style really well.

Alright to the code or docs actually now.

Okay so part one is telling me about how powerful java is, but leaves a lot of menial coding for the programmer, which we develop patterns and code to deal with.

Oh wow and look at that 15 minute break is up!


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