How to make an App Portfolio

I wish I had 48 hour days, but I’m human just like everyone else, and getting to building a portfolio hasn’t been a top priority. So I decided to go ahead and build a new one since one of my resolutions that I set way back when was to finish one by Jan. 2012. I make Android apps, the majority of which are undergoing heavy external and internal surgery atm. Nonetheless, I’m going to go ahead w/ the portfolio. This of course is great for iPhone, iOS, Blackberry apps, etc…

I’m might add some other work as well besides apps.

Step 1: Model a Phone and Set up the Scene

I quickly opened Blender and Modeled a phone and set up the scene for render. If you need modeling tutorials, check out CG Cookie. The Scene is just has a basic lighting set-up that is commonly used to light green screen film sets. So for lighting, go onto YouTube and look for lighting tutorials.

Step 2: Render and Add Additional Assets

Render the Scene in your favorite renderer (Cycles, Octane, POV, Yafaray, Vray?) and attach on some info.  This of course doesn’t have to be the way you do every scene.

Next, I added some additional info to the Scene.

Step 3: Work on the Other Apps.

Now this might not be the way it is for everyone, but I made some old assets and will be re-using them. I simply attach them to a similar template.

There will be a link here to my portfolio when I’m done!


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