8 Reasons Why Windows 8 Won’t Fail

Windows 8 is slated for release in one year and already swarms of computer happy users have snatched up the newest bundle of code to impregnate their hard drives with. It’s too bad that in 8 months-9 months, Windows 8 Developer Preview will force those the hard drives to have an OS miscarriage. Anyway, ready to hear the top reasons why Windows 8 won’t fail? Here they are:


1) Vendor Support-

With companies like, (Srrsly, I’m too lazy to even google what companies will have Windows 8 devices, but hey you know it will be lots), there is bound to be a lot of excitement of the new devices as 2012 heads to a close. Customers like you me and dupree are gonna want to check out the newest devices at the BestBuy’s and Circuit City’s that haven’t already closed down.


2) Copying the Competition-

That’s right. If ya can’t beat the competition, copy the competition. Windows 8 excels in this aspect… Heck no one ever said copying was bad. I did it in school and now look at me! I’m homeless! (well in the sense that I don’t yet own a home) But let’s look at the brighter side. Windows 8 is a mix between the good parts of iOS w/ that windows phone stuff. So yeah I’m too lazy to check for what features it has… but uh lemme break it down for you:

TAP the screen. SMILE.

TAP the screen. SMILE.

TAP the screen. SMILE.

tap the screen. bored.


TAP the screen. SMILE.

1 year later…

tap the screen… tap the screen… tap the screen…

3) Pretty is always best-

Windows 8 looks gorgeous and if I were a complete game nerd right now… I would completely turn away a female beauty to stare at the UI design in front of me. Though I don’t think you’ll agree w/ me so I added a good looking female for you to decide. Back to topic:

Simple clean lines, a dynamic interface and somewhat intuitive control scheme!


8) Windows 8 ends in 8-

China has the largest growing consumer group in the world! Sure hey maybe only 15% of all copies of windows 8 sold to consumers will be genuine, but it’s the manufacturers that MS Corp will be able to make money off of. But what Chinese consumer wouldn’t want a product w/ an OS ending in the best number of all 8. (For cultural reasons, the having the number 8 is comparable to having a ton of bling)

Though haha to be perfectly frank, chinese consumes associate upper class w/ Apple devices lol. And in the China it’s all about image. Your home can look like junk and not fit more than 4 small kids, but hey when you are out on the street and with your friends… where am I even going with this…

HEY WHERE  ARE  REASONS FOUR THROUGH SEVEN. Now this may come as a shock, but as you can see above ^… I didn’t care to even research the topic I was talking about so… sure maybe I shafted you outta a couple reasons… BUT it’s only cause I’m lazy…

However if this somewhat gets more than idk 100 views, I’ll clean it up…

No problem… set you alarm 5 minutes earlier tomorrow.


I no spreak- de engrish. Sorry Sorry. Fortune Cookie. I from the Chrina. Write bad article for lazy America ren… Pay me only da frive american dolla!


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