How to Have the Perfect First Date: Part 1 (Guys)

She looks like she's about to go down on you. Best first date ever right?

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Go bowling, eat out, go to a fair, watch a movie? All really cliche ideas with cliche ending (usually). Somewhere along the way, we just gave dating and hanging out the same meaning.

It’s nice and bright (on a weekend) and looks like a beautiful day to have a date.

You want to bring your A-game, but you just asked her out and don’t really know what she likes or you told her something really generic.

Like this but scarier

Tip #1: Don’t surprise the hell outta the girl and take her somewhere completely different from the agreed place. 

This for any individual is scary, especially if he/she knows the roads there. If you want to surprise her, agree to take her someplace near where you actually want to take her. This way, the thought of a horror flick doesn’t stir in her brain.

Something seems wrong here...

Tip#2: Going to movies suck.

Why? Because there’s no interaction between you two. It would make sense to flirt in a movie theater and maybe to get a date… but since you’re already on a date. lol

For 3 dollars, axe would really be a bargain if it were like this ad.

Tip #3: Don’t wear too much cologne or AXE (LOL) It’s not like in the commercials.



I really hope she's at least 18.

Girl Type 1: She’s kinda shy, to strangers. 

Advice: Focus well on the details. You can expect her to not be upfront about stuff she likes/dislikes, but will tell her friends possibly.

Now this is hard for guys.

Few of us can truly understand the girl. Even I have no clue. You can stop reading now if you want. Now what details depend on the date, but I’ll give ya an example.

Your name is John Neverscored.

Which one is Joe Neverscored?

You’re meeting a girl named Amy ShyontheOutside. You decide that you wanna hit outta the ballpark with this idea and go ice skating w/ her after she told you she doesn’t know how.


  • know how to skate
  • don’t go on a super crowded day. (less chance she’ll get hurt)
  • for reassurance, john tells her that its fun.
  • don’t eat a full course before (it would be great to get drinks before, especially something to drink). If she’s hungry go to a place that serves a light meal that’s good. (hotdog on a stick? lol)
  • don’t hype the event and tell her everything before you get there.
  • prepare something to talk about and talk about each other normally. If you guys have nothing in common (probably the case). Just talk about something you guys do have in common (no, not previous dates) like the fact that you like her so u’ll say things to please her even if you don’t like the subject : ).

Don't you wish your couch had one of these?

Guys usually don’t have as much going through their mind. Girl’s minds are like a turbocharged V8 during dates when its silent. Keep her occupied by like (no not showing landmarks or pointing out interesting things), but keep her enthusiastically talking about herself. Or be amazingly handsome (so she can’t stop looking at you) Here are some ways how to do that:

Okay so there’s a lot more to write, but I’m getting lazy so let’s just say I’ll make a Part 2.

Here’s a funny image:

Way too funny


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