When Will Full Tilt Give Me Back My Money?

A good reason to be Canadian huh?

So by now it has been many months since black Friday and many new players have risen and old giants have fallen. Pokerstars was the first of the major players to reassure players that it would fully comply.  Within weeks, Pokerstars began returning all money in American accounts to their respective owners. Owners of accounts with less than 1 USD were told that their money would be given to charity. Victory Poker merged and disappeared. Money from many other sites just didn’t exist. The clean and beautiful exterior of online gambling blew away and left players with the reality of business. So when will Full Tilt give us Americans our money? Well it probably won’t be for a while, since they don’t exactly have the money to give back. In addition, if any of us remember eWalletxpress well let’s not have too much faith.

But why am I so pessimistic? Why do I so not believe that these poker sites can do right? Mostly, it is that I want to be proven wrong. I want to know that the operations going on behind our backs weren’t as shady as they seem. But who am I kidding? Denial is for kids. I wanna know what you guys think. Full Tilt recently had offers from European investors who offered to help with the situation, but Full Tilt has yet not to accept. Well for anyone who really made a living off poker, I hope you find that you have either a lot of money left,  a good job, someone to live off of or just plain luck. Cause we all know in the end, luck’s the real deal breaker. (Cough cough tourney’s)


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