How Drupal Can Lower Costs of Doing Business Online

Drupal for Business

Drupal for Business Part 1

The web is growing rapidly and everyday many new businesses set up their new storefront property on the virtual marketplace. Running an online business is not easy and comes with the same problems physical businesses experience.

  • A site can be attacked, hijacked and robbed by hackers. The cost needed to make the site safe, secure and functional again could be astronomical.
  • Online businesses also have to deal with operational costs that include support, advertising, and performance.

With so many factors to consider, a business may find itself too occupied with running the site rather than running the business. This is where a content management system like Drupal can save a new or upgrading online business from operational headaches, production cost overruns and common security risks.

What is Drupal exactly? Drupal at its very core is a content management platfrom that allows developers to build on a secure and reliable base configuration. What this means for the online business is that less time is spent on building the skeleton of the site and more time is spent on designing and developing key portions of that will be visible to users. This signifcantly lowers costs by reducing the time needed to develop a site by up to 50 percent or more.

Why should Drupal be trusted? A common belief is that open-source is unsafe, but that is simply not correct. Drupal, although open source software, has been gaining adoption as enterprise level software by hundreds of well-known companies and organizations. Why exactly? The reason is that Drupal allows sites to be easily upgraded, managed, administrated and created.

The next step in the Drupal process is to either start developing or to hire Drupal professions to make a site. Hiring the right people to do the job is important and one should find trustworthy people, who can actually do a good job. Visit or join the Drupal group on Linkedin to find reliable people and references. When choosing a development team, it’s important to not take word alone and find work samples and/or community contributions.

This is part one of the Drupal For Business series. Come back later for more.

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